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Kadara (“Destiny” in Yoruba) takes the curious reader and fellow traveling spirit into the ramblings, musings and wanderings of an avid reader, passionate traveler, serious aesthete, budding entrepreneur and enamoured mother: Muna Lobé. It has also and more recently launched a new segment: Encounters to delve into the intimate creative recesses of up and coming artists and creatives of African descent.

What our Clients & Collaborators have to say about AYA Consulting

  • “Creative, refined, pragmatic, fast, determined, resourceful, willing to help and positive”
    Alexis Peskine, Visual Artist & Fashion Photographer
  • “(Muna) has the drive and energy necessary to see complex projects through to complete, guiding teams and clients through the entire lifecycle process, on time and within budget”.
    Dr. Alison Cross, Educational Psychologist
  • "Working with AYA has been a great experience as they possess a very clear vision for themselves and their clients whilst at the same time maintaining a lot of flexibility and understanding that comes with each project and challenge."
    Randy Richards, Photographer, Videographer, Founder of Mint Creative
  • "It’s an honour for me to be hosting one of AYA’s Masterclasses. Working with AYA and being part of this innovative project means so much as I think Muna is a great example of what a woman entrepreneur really is. And I believe 100% in her vision. “
    Théodora Valente, Dancer, Choreographer, Actor
  • “ Muna and her team are an invaluable entity. Smart, savvy and stylish, they make you feel like you are part of the team. They are thorough and dedicated and most of all genuine.”
    Tamara Thomas, Dancer, Choreographer, Lecturer


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