AYA Consulting is an award-winning creative firm that provides organisations, associations and individual clients with tailored Branding, Marketing, Content Creation and Press Relation strategies and solutions.


AYA CONSULTING provides INNOVATIVE, TAILORED AND CULTURALLY SOUND Program Design & Management to artists, art practitioners, corporate entities and institutions.


  • Act as project liaison with established Art, Educational and Cultural institutions in the Caribbean, West Africa and Europe
  • Produce grant proposals
  • Devise promotional campaigns & press releases
  • Facilitate workshops, Masterclasses, performances, as well as fundraisers
  • Curate contemporary art exhibitions
  • Direct professional photo shoots, interviews and promotional films
  • Customize international itineraries


  • Developed a network of creative professionals committed to working together on specific projects and collaborations domestically and internationally
  • Partnered with Art, Educational and Cultural institutions in the Caribbean and West Africa
  • Provided effective templates for stakeholder presentations
  • Produced grant proposals with comprehensive budgetary and logistical rationale
  • Devised promotional campaigns, press releases and organized radio and television appearances
  • Facilitated workshops, performances, and benefit events inclusive of organizing catering services, sourcing multimedia equipment, acting as point of ticket sale, mobilizing a team of volunteers and interns
  • Curated a collective contemporary art exhibition
  • Directed professional photo shoots, interviews and presentational films
  • Customized international itineraries including airfare, accommodation and scheduled meetings and visits
  • Crafted presentations (written and filmed) for artist residencies and project calls

The Founder

AYA CONSULTING was founded by Muna D. Lobé, a trained social anthropologist and educator with extensive international research and work experience in Europe, Africa, North America, and the Caribbean.


Our Mission at AYA Consulting is to provide customized consulting services, drawing on our expertise to perfectly meet our clients' needs. In so doing, we strive to provide an empowering and rewarding work environment and build lasting value for the wider society. We seek to create, support and enhance programmes and projects rooted in the desire to showcase the culturally rich realities and talents of the African continent, the Caribbean and diasporic spaces across the world. Not only is our mission strongly rooted in the principles of gender equality but also in consistently promoting gender awareness and engaging in projects with the commitment to urge women to involve themselves in the Arts, Culture and Education.


In the heat of the tropics near the historically known Kingdom of Ghana, centuries of Akan women have carefully adorned their art and fashion with Adinkra symbols. A verdant refrain, the fern — AYA (pronounced as “eye–ah”) — appears and reappears, highlighting their code of beliefs, their knowledge, their attitudes and sense of organization. It refers to Endurance, Independence and Resourcefulness. The logo for AYA Consultancy is enhanced by the stylization of the symbol AYA using the VAI syllabary, a highly sophisticated syllabic writing system found in Liberia.

Download our 2017-2018 Digital Press Book


Our clients are as multifaceted as the projects we take on, create or support.  Our digital press book provides a  glimpse of the companies and individuals we have worked with and the events we have designed and launched.

"In the long-run, I see AYA as a hub, space, network, laboratory or think tank, where people come together to create. It’s not just for the sake of art or culture; but also for us to engage with important issues."