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My name is Muna D. Lobé and I am a cultural anthropologist and comparative sociologist by training, of Caribbean and African heritage.
I am also an educator, a senior international consultant, and a skilled communicator Over the past fifteen years, I have honed significant competencies and experience in Consulting, Communication, Content Creation and Branding for emerging and established businesses, international organisations and brands.
I have lived and worked in many locales in the world: Europe, the United States, West and East Africa and the Caribbean.

With the founding of AYA Consulting in 2013, I have focused on cultural trends but most importantly human insights and experience to create stand-out, resonant content & branding.
I founded an international network of creative professionals (videography, photography, art curation, fashion, media, filmmaking, creative marketing strategy) who have enabled me to succeed in the projects I have thus far either created or supported. One of my favorite quotes is by Rumi: let yourself be silently drawn by the pull of what you really love.

A founder

When I founded AYA Consulting, I had in mind to support creatives, art practitioners and institutions and of course, artists in finding their voice(s) and telling their stories as they wanted them to be told.
Over the last seven years, we have developed a human-centric approach to Communication and Consulting based on numerous and meaningful cultural interactions as well as the absolute need to relate to the people we seek to serve and to understand what their realities are in order to provide tailored and sustainable strategies.

The culture thus created at AYA Consulting places great emphasis on creativity through storytelling and sociocultural insights. Our agenda is one that challenges myths, fallacies or stereotypes and we aim to support and enhance projects we believe are disruptive and paradigm shifting.
Not only is our mission strongly rooted in equality, diversity and inclusion but also in consistently uplifting and empowering a diverse array of women's creative endeavours and contributions globally.

A mission

From Kingston, Jamaica to New York, USA to Nairobi, Kenya to London, UK to Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal,  to Melbourne, Australia, to Geneva, Switzerland, AYA Consulting knows no boundaries and no bounds. We operate internationally and with a multifaceted team of creatives.

A journey

The logo for AYA Consulting  is a stylised version of the Adinkra symbol, AYA using the VAI syllabary, a highly sophisticated syllabic writing system found in modern-day Liberia.

A symbol

In the historically known Kingdom of Ghana, Akan women have carefully adorned their art and fashion with Adinkra symbols for over centuries. A verdant refrain, the fern — AYA (pronounced as “eye–ah”) — appears and reappears, highlighting their code of beliefs, their knowledge, their attitudes and sense of organization. It refers to Endurance, Independence and Resourcefulness

Our slogan CREATE. IMPROVE. INSPIRE as well as the culture of our firm are thus based on these key values.

An Ethos

We are a global community of creators and storytellers who can be called to work together or independently. Our collaborations are organic. The stories we tell are authentic. Our work matters.

A community

Aya is… 

Interview :
Muna Lobé, Aya Consulting founder

An interview with Muna Lobé, Founder & Creative Director, held in 2018 at Jah Jah, a Jamaican-styled, Rastafarian & Vegan hotspot in Paris.


Our clients are as multifaceted as the projects we take on, create or support. Our digital portfolios provide a glimpse of the companies and individuals we have worked with and the events we have curated.

Contact us at hello[at]ayaconsulting.be to receive our latest portfolio.