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“In my family, I was the child who wanted to know the story of who we are. I was the child who found a certain romance in our history, who felt nostalgia for things that I had not experienced. I was the child who sharpened very early on the skill of eavesdropping, a pastime at which I am still quite adept. I do not know a time when I was not drawn to story, to human emotion, to human motivation.” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Author”

Creative communication

The art of storymaking

One story can be told in probably a million different ways. Some stories are in the now while others look to the future. In the creative process, it often starts with conversations, things that somebody tells you, things that you hear or read echoing a feeling, an intuition, a desire, a need, something that you’ve experienced.

We want the story to resonate. We enable the process of telling YOUR story, then design the rightful platform. We build the “stage”, hire the team and select the right equipment. We create the terminology and representations of and within that story.

Visual storytelling

As a consulting firm, we guide, encourage and equip clients with the tools they need to narrate their own stories with honesty, integrity and intentionality. 

We place great emphasis on visual aesthetics. Our purpose is rooted in revealing exceptional beauty and improving or increasing representation as a way to show greater appreciation of what we see and define as Culture.

Aya masterclasses

How to use storytelling

The MasterClass series is a learning space where individuals explore the principles of visual storytelling. The series is designed to cultivate a skill set among creatives who wish to connect with each other, exchange ideas, learn new techniques and create content with the guidance and tutelage of seasoned experts.
The series includes four different classes—two of which were held in London, and two that are available online at an exceptional price, upon request.

How to tell stories about and With black women 

with Pamela Ohene-Nyako

Our host will share insightful, research-based information on how to enrich narratives featuring Black female characters whilst ensuring that creative environments become and remain safe and inclusive spaces for Black women creators.

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Aya Masterclass march

The language of creative curatorial practice

Bodies in motion

Tales of the diaspora

Aya Masterclass - How to tell stories about black women in the creative industries with Pamela Ohene Niako

Black women in the creative industries

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"It’s an honour for me to be hosting one of AYA’s MasterClass. Working with Muna and being part of her project means a lot to me as I think Muna is a great example of what a woman entrepreneur really is. And I believe 100% in her vision. The MasterClasses have a specific theme, so it’s an interesting process. it’s not just like any masterclasses or workshops I hosted in the past where I really concentrated on the technique and the choreographic combination allowing the participants to only express themselves by the end of the class. This time the work demands a deeper approach I think and a greater exchange with the participants."
Théodora Valente

Dancer, Choreographer, Actor

"It’s been beautiful. And thank you for creating this, you know, for creating this MasterClass, for creating this vessel for us all to come together and have these discussions and then walk away from that feeling empowered, inspired, motivated. You know it’s necessary, the work that you're doing is necessary and as I’ve said, you’re actually building the table and building the seats for us to all come together so that’s what this weekend has meant to me."
Chantal Olivia-Miller

Producer, Filmmaker, Broadcaster