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“We are grateful for the connections, the partnerships and collaborations, the current and future clients, the subscribers to the monthly AYA newsletter and news flashes and the many, many, many inspirations.”

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We are inspired daily by those who surround us: an international community of gifted, humble and prolific creative professionals as well as by the fearless change makers of this world – leaders, thinkers, artists, scientists, activists, authors,… 

We aim to create work that is self-empowering and authentic. We lead transformative events, masterclasses, and meet-ups illustrating the power of a safe, open forum for storytelling, community and healing. 

Our homegrown and curated initiatives are led by mindful brands, thought leaders, and industry disrupters to allow for vibrant connection and collective growth. 

“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it”. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

KADARA. This. Is. Fate: The Blog

A reflection of the more intimate side of AYA, KADARA. THIS.IS.FATE is an excavation of thoughts, experiences and encounters.

KADARA also contains a section dedicated to conversations with remarkable Black creatives – Encounters. “Encounters tells the stories of exceptional artists from South Africa to the Caribbean to Burkina Faso”. 

Additionally, portraits of the ten remarkable women featured in The AYA Talks Podcast are only a few of the gems found on the blog.

The aya talks

This audio project in the format of a monthly podcast is a series of 10 conversations, with 10 women, who share 10 different stories, their stories.

These women are leaders, healers, activists, mothers, and feminists, each of them with uniquely profound stories that must be told. The podcast explores topics including femininity & feminism, self care and creativity.

The AYA Talks is produced in collaboration with visual artist, art therapist, sound editor and filmmaker, Sophie Le Hire.

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Discover our newsletter by reading select issues

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"J’ai absolument ADORE cet épisode des AYA Talks présenté par Muna Lobé. Je le recommande vivement à toute personne intéressée par les thématiques de la spiritualité et du bien-être d’un point de vue holistique, afro et féminin. J’ai énormément appris et juste hâte de découvrir toutes les ressources que nous offre Clarisse (Libène)."
Pamela Ohene-Nyako | Afrolitt

Historian, Founder of a literary platform, Creative

"Une belle conversation entre la douce Muna Lobé, à l’initiative du podcast THE AYA TALKS et Doris, artiste et poétesse. Les questions liées à l’identité , la féminité, l’africanité, la place de la femme noire au sein de la société française et l’afro-féminisme sont abordés, le tout ponctué de quelques passages des chansons de Doris."
Aïssé N’Diaye | Afrikanista

Founder of fashion brand

"Encore un moment dense et très précis avec THE AYA TALKS par Muna Lobé. Militance à pleine conscience, selfcare, tolérance mais surtout un avis incisif sur la société, le système éducatif et un appel à la restructuration d’une société mal éclairée sur tellement de points, comme celui des femmes racisées dans le monde entier. Merci à Audrey Warrington pour cette première partie très instructive. Le féminisme nous concerne tous et nous rend plus humains"
Gaël Rapon

Photographer & Storyteller